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How to track my order?

To track your order, please go to our Track Your Order page and enter the tracking number of your order provided via email. Visit our Shipping Policy page for more details.

Can I cancel my order after I've made a purchase on the website?

We offer immediate order cancellations up to a limit of 24 hours after purchasing - so if you change your mind within that time - send us a message and we'll cancel and refund you in full as soon as we get your request. Please go to our Cancellations and Returns page for more details.

How do I return or exchange an item?

Our return policy lasts 30 days starting when your package arrives at your address.

We will accept any returns for all undamaged items within 30 days to guarantee customer expectations and ensure the satisfaction of your purchases.

We're confident that our premium products will meet or exceed your expectations but if you want to make a return - please contact our support team at and we will respond within 24 hours to assist with the process. Please go to our Cancellations and Returns page for more details.

What if the item I ordered arrives broken or damaged?

We'll make it up to if you in the case that it does. We always monitor our production line for the best quality products. If you discover a flaw or fault in the item, please contact us at within the first 30 days of receiving that item and we'll work it out with you. Please go to our Cancellations and Refunds page for more details.

What types of Payment do you accept?

We accept all standard payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay and Paypal, etc.

What are your shipping options?

We ship our products worldwide. There will be 2 options for you to choose during checkout: Standard Worldwide Shipping and Priority Shipping. Both options include a tracking number for your package, Priority option will be processed through our special line for faster fulfillment & shipping time! Please go to our Shipping Policy page for more details.

Where do you ship from?

We mainly ship out from fulfillment centers in the US, however, we also have warehouses in Eastern Asia and Western Europe for faster international delivery time. If the item you've purchased is out of inventory in your nearest location, we'll send it directly from our production lines with the same delivery times stated in our shipping policy page. Please go to our Shipping Policy page for more details.

What’s the difference between Wavy design and Flat design?

They are just two different designs of our toothbrushes to offer a wider selection to our customers, and their effectivenesses are basically the same.

How often do I need to replace it?

Our toothbrush can last up to 3-4 months given that you use it at least twice a day.

How can this toothbrush clean plaque efficiently if it’s so soft?

If you didn’t know, as a general rule, dentists recommend choosing a toothbrush with soft bristles instead of one considered hard or even medium. In fact, most if not all dentists might even suggest to choose a brush with extra-soft bristles, especially when you have sensitive teeth or signs of enamel erosion.

Now here arises the question of “how can an extra-soft toothbrush help remove the stain/plaque efficiently?”

It may seem counterintuitive but a soft toothbrush can get your teeth just as clean as toothbrushes with hard bristles, while minimising the risk of bleeding gums and other oral health issues.

The biggest advantage of using a soft/extra-soft toothbrush is the gentleness it provides to your teeth and gums as well as other soft tissues in the mouth. However, it’s not the brush that will impact the overall oral health as they are made only to help the brushing process more effectively & efficiently. It is how you brush your teeth that will have most of the impact, our toothbrush would be just as useless as other toothbrushes if you don’t know how to brush your teeth properly. On the other hand, if you know how to clean your teeth and gums effectively, not only will our toothbrush help remove all the stain/plaque in your mouth, but it will also take care of your teeth, gums and other soft tissues for better oral health in the long-term!

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